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The Website and Newsletter are imagined, built, and updated by Paul Sedille. (The newsletter's concept and format were greatly inspired by Bill Bishop's Sinocism China Newsletter.) Paul is also the main editor of the newsletter and curator for the English and Chinese language content.

The Maps, Graphics and Photographies of this website are collected and updated by Davis Dreiska, the second brain behind Davis also produces the original photographies on this website and, being familiar with the Eastern and North European regions, curates the upcoming Russian language content of the newsletter.


Somewhere deep in the heart of the Eurasian continent — Pamir Mountains, Tadjikistan, Central Asia

Paul is a philosophy and politics graduate, mostly documentary filmmaker, and keen explorer of the Eurasian continent. When he’s not on the Eurasian roads, he lives in Hong Kong and spends part of the year in Beijing and Paris.


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Since Paul was old enough to entertain transcontinental ambitions, he has been daydreaming about the implications of the very word, Eurasia. Far from limiting it to the ex-USSR area, he takes it literally: the integration of Europe and Asia.


From the age of 17 onwards, he travelled thousands of miles crisscrossing the available transportation from Paris to Beijing. This incessant moving eventually landed him a job, as general director of a Sino-French cultural start up. Although that experience was short-lived, he learnt a lot bridging the two sides, and still helps out from time to time.


In 2015, he finished his formal education in Philosophy and Political sociology with double degrees at Sciences Po Paris and Sorbonne University (BA and MA). After that, he decided to put aside different doctoral projects – "The political implications of new Eurasian infrastructure projects" at l'EHESS in Paris, and "The politics of transhumanism" at Cambridge and Sciences Po – in order to keep exploring the questions he was interested in through a new medium: documentary-film.


In summer 2016, he graduated from a cinematography program at the Beijing Film Academy where he focused on documentary filmmaking and started working freelance as a more hands-on way of pursuing his research all the while participating to the great Eurasian adventure of our century. It is during his stay in Beijing that he decided to launch this website.


Today, Paul has found video, philosophical, and Eurasian projects to work on in Hong Kong, and is now based here.


For any questions, suggestions or opportunities, don't hesitate to contact him or Davis at: eurasianvision AT gmail DOT com


Paul in the street hairdresser's mirror in Hanoi, Vietnam

Paul in the street hairdresser's mirror in Hanoi, Vietnam 

Davis is a global citizen: he was born in Riga, Latvia, lived in Shanghai, Beijing and Dalian, and is now based in Hong Kong.


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For the last 6 years he has been living and travelling around Mainland China. Before moving to the East, he studied Social Sciences, Sinology and Film, and is a passionate audiovisual artist.

In his recent years he’s been documenting his travels and encounters throughout Asia and Europe with videos and pictures. An exhibit of his recent photography works organized by the ‘Latvia – China association of culture’ was held in 2016 in Beijing, China.

Davis sees himself as a connecter or a bridge between Europe and Asia.

For any questions, suggestions or opportunities, don't hesitate to contact him or Paul at: eurasianvision AT gmail DOT com


Davis in the center of Seoul, South Korea

Davis in the center of Seoul, South Korea