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an archive of transcontinental endeavors is an attempt at centralizing the available information about a vast land and a vast subject: Asian-European transcontinental initiatives of the 21st century. From monumental railways to ministerial meetings, a variety of projects are in the making and more are being announced everyday.


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The Eurasian Vision website and newsletter aim to help readers better understand a subject that is fairly new and constantly evolving—transcontinental initiatives of the 21st century between Asia and Europe


From the romanticized appeal to history as "New Silk Roads" to the Chinese "One Road One Belt" initiative or Russian-centered "Eurasian Union", many names and concepts coexist. Sometimes they overlap, sometimes not.


This website attempts to cover all of these, and more. It offers a clear and comprehensive overview of the various transcontinental projects and concentrates in one online platform a diverse set of tools to master their intricacies. In particular, the site's newsletter presents a curated list of the most relevant news in English or Chinese every week, essential for keeping track of a constantly changing object. (Sign up here.)


The website is still young and in development. If you have any suggestions or corrections for me, don't hesitate to write to eurasianvision AT gmail DOT com